Credor Wrist Gauge

If you have ever needed to know your wrist size then this Credor Wrist Gauge can help you out. I estimate that this is from the early to mid-80's.

It comes in a large case with the Credor logo clearly visible on the front.


When you open this up it reveals ten straps, four ladies models and six men’s models.

The ladies models range from 14-17cm and the men’s are between 15 to 20cm in length.

Each of the mesh bracelets have a solid section representing the watch body, but as the point is just to measure to diameter of the users wrist this is not really important.

Within the case is a fold down panel that reveals an area to store paperwork.

This contains a couple of booklets for customer service bookings, two tape measures and usage instructions.

The end of each strap has a number of markers allowing the exact measurement to be determined. 

The other end of the strap has a spring loaded section that will fit into the other end and allow the measurement to be read through the round hole.

For example my wrist is 17.6cm in diameter. I can select the 17cm strap and then when I fit the strap to my wrist I can see the exact measurement via the clasp mechanism.

The purpose of this wrist gauge was to allow accurate measurement of a customer’s wrist before resizing a watches bracelet. Often the bracelets were a mesh design that required the bracelet to be cut to size instead of links removed when sizing. As the Credor bracelets were commonly made from precious metals minimizing the amount of waste and ensuring that these were adjusted accurately was very important.

Obviously this is something that I will not use often but it is nice to see the level of craftsmanship that Credor applies to not only their watches but also the tools and accessories associated with them.