TRUME a new Epson Watch Brand

On the 19th of July Epson announced the introduction of a new watch brand TRUME.

This is a brand that will be focused on high tech analog watches. The brand name is a concatenation of True and Me and is presumabely pronounced as TrueMe. At launch there is one product that is available in a number of differently styled models.

This first model looks like it was based on the core technologies of the current Astron models (that are also manufactured by Epson), but the caliber has a number of additional features.

  • GPS time setting
  • Solar powered
  • 1/5 sec. Stopwatch
  • Altimeter
  • Barometer
  • Compass
  • Waypoint location directions
  • UV Index measurement
  • Temperature
  • Step Counter
  • Calories Burned

The watches have a sapphire crystal and titanium case that has a surface hardening treatment. The bezels on the watch are ceramic. The watches weigh in at 135g for the bracelet models and 110g on leather. They are also quite a large watch at 60.2mm high by 48.6mm wide (excluding protrusions) and a thickness of 15.5mm.

The Altimeter is capable of measuring between -1,000m to 9,999m in 1 meter increments and the Barometer can measure between 300 to 1,100hPa in 1 hPa increments. There is also a display of atmospheric pressure trend so you can see if the pressure is rising or falling over time.

The wayfinding feature is very useful and one that I could find handy during travel. It allows the wearer to set a location as a waypoint and the watch will then indicate the direction as well as the distance of up to 9.9km back to the set location.

For a number of additional data sources the watch can display a small car key like sensor fob is used to record steps, calories burned, UV index and temperature. This makes sense as it is able to be kept off the wrist so it can more accurately measure temperature that is normally impacted by the wearers body temp when included in the watch case.

The fob communicates with the watch via Bluetooth and the antenna for this is integrated into the dual ring antenna that is also responsible for GPS reception. This is the only use for the Bluetooth on the watch and is does not communicate with other devices. Note: the TR-MB7000 series models do not include the FOB, so do not have the temperature, UV index, step and calorie functionality.

Here is an introductory video for the models.

These watches are not low priced with most models will selling for around ¥‎280,000円, but considering the technology included they are at the price level you would expect.

At this point is seems this brand will initially be available in just the Japanese domestic market.

More information can be found at the official site: