1964 Tokyo Olympics Seiko Folder & Booklet

I recently acquired an unusual Olympic folder. This is from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and contains a pen, notepad and booklet discussing the specialised timers for the games.

The folder is surprisingly large and measures 35 x 28cm. It has an embossed 1964 Tokyo Olympic logo on the front and a Seiko Watches Modern Masters of Time logo on the back. 

On the inside of the folder there is a pen holder and a notepad on the right side. The notepad has the Seiko logo in the top left and the text Seiko Means Watches of Beauty, Quality and Value at the bottom of each page. I am unsure if the pen is original as it is unmarked.

There is a pair of clear card holders where one contains a card marked F.I.H. The XVIII Olympiad. This likely refers to the Fédération Internationale de Hockey (International Hockey Federation) and indicates that the folder was likely presented to representatives of the different sports that were featured at the Tokyo Olympics.

On the left side there is a pouch with a Seiko Modern Masters of Time logo. In this pouch is a booklet that is titled Sports Timers for the XVIII Olympic Games.

This booklet is around 20 pages long and it details the different timing devices that were to be used at the 1964 Olympics. The booklet identifies the types of timers used for each of the sports and has some basic details about the specifications for these. The timers include stopwatches, crystal chronometers, large timing boards, result printing devices, portable digital clocks and photo finish systems. 

When reading the text in the booklet it is clear that this was produced and distributed before the Games. The text makes numerous references to items that will be used at the different events. At the end of the booklet are a couple of pages that list the different sports locations and the schedule when different sports will be held. There is also a table that lists the different timing devices and how many will be used at each sport.

I have scanned the complete document and present a copy available to download here:

1964 - Sports Timers For The XVII Olympic Games

Almost all of the timing products presented in this booklet were developed for the Olympics and their success resulted in Seiko eventually creating a separate dedicated sports timing company. 

I have not seen an example of this folder or booklet before and it makes a nice addition to some of the sports timers that I have.

If you are lucky enough to visit the Seiko Museum in Tokyo they have a number of different sports timers on display including numerous examples from the 1964 Olympics.