Visit to the Paris Seiko Boutique

During a trip to Europe last month I was able to take a day for myself so I headed to France and visited the Seiko Boutique. There are Seiko Boutiques across France with locations in Aix en Provence, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon and Paris.

Due to my time constraints I was just visiting Paris so I went to that store, I have visited this boutique a couple of times before and it is always a pleasure to drop by.

The Seiko Paris Boutique was the first international Seiko boutique, it is located in the upscale area of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and is under 100m from the Saint-Germain-des-Prés metro station.

The Paris boutique has a great collection of models from the complete range of Seiko and Grand Seiko series.

When you enter the store there is a display directly in front of you that has some cocktail time and other Presage models. To the left is a display for the Astron model with a dedicated display

On the same wall as the Astron display there are a number of other separate window boxes that have a range of general models. These include solar, quartz and kinetic models from the general dress ranges and also from the field based Prospex range.

There is also the main sales counter on the left side of the store. Directly opposite the counter is a display case dedicated to Grand Seiko. The right hand side of the store is more focused on the higher end models with a large display of Grand Seiko models. On the wall behind the display cabinet there is a series of displays with more Grand Seiko models.

Directly in front of the Grand Seiko display is a group of display cases with entry level automatics, Seiko Five and Presage models along with some of the new releases.

The right side of the store has a small alcove that houses a large display of Prospex dive models. On the right side of the display is a large PADI flag.

Just to the left side of the Prospex display is a wall hanging with a graphic showing the series of Seiko stopwatches from the 1960’s. Beside this is another graphic with a movement sketch and an image from the Morioka factory.

One of the new models that had just arrived in the store was the Limited Edition SJE073 Presage featuring the new 6L35 caliber. The limited edition has 1881 units (the same as the founding year of Seiko) and is presented in a nice black wooden storage case along with a leather wallet. The watch is very nicely finished and also has a great looking dial. The main interesting feature of the watch is the new thin 6L35 movement. A shot of the side profile clearly shows the difference that the thinner movement makes, and with an overall thickness of just 9.8mm it wears nice on the wrist.

When visiting the store I was lucky enough to have a quick meet up with some local Seiko enthusiasts. The boutique manager provided some champagne and we had a great catch up with some locals I had met before and some new Seiko fans. We were all presented with Seiko caps by the boutique manager to commemorative the meeting.

Most of the people attending brought along a few watches each and there were some stunning examples on display. There were numerous limited edition Grand Seiko models, one of the new solar chronographs, various divers and even an Izul.

One of the unique items on display at the store was a collaboration with local brand Joseph Bonnie who sell vintage watches but also produce a range of leather goods. They produced a very high quality Seiko branded watch set with a leather NATO strap, watch case and a spring bar tool in a carry case. There were a total of 50 of sets produced and the five Seiko boutiques across France each received ten. This is a very nice combination set and the boutique manager very generously gifted this to me. It is a unique French Seiko item and one I am extremely happy to include in my collection.

In addition to the Seiko hat and the watch accessory kit I was also presented with a Grand Seiko pin and a Seiko France membership card. These both make nice additions to my collection, the card is a nice pairing to my Sydney Seiko Premium Boutique card.

The Paris Boutique is one of the nicest Seiko stores that I have visited with an excellent range of models as well as highly knowledgeable and friendly staff. They really engage with the watch enthusiast community and I see that they hold regular events at the store with product launches and presentations with special guests. I am sure that I will drop by the store again the next time I make it back to Paris.


Address: 47 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris, France
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am–7pm, Sun - Closed
Phone: +33 1 43 25 51 31
Website: and