Seiko Let’s Start ‘82 Brochure

Recently I acquired a Seiko sales brochure from 1982 featuring a number of mens and ladies watches. The brochure contains 50 watches with 25 mens models and 25 ladies models.

82 Sales Brochure Mens - Small.jpg
82 Sales Brochure Ladies - Small.jpg

Some of the standout models are a pair of mens divers, the black dialed PHY018 (7548-7000) and the orange dialed PYQ019 (6458-6000).

As well as a couple of Silverwaves with the PZL010 (6433-7000) and PZL028 (6433-6010).

In addition to the analog models there are also a range of hybrid and digital models. These include the ani-digi JZV058 (H449-5020) and JZV028 (H449-5040), the digital DZX018 (D229-5010) and the Pulsemeter DEM015 (S229-5000).

The full brochure (11MB) can be downloaded by clicking on the cover below.