1973 Seiko Special Luxury Watch Catalog

In the early 1970’s Seiko produced a dedicated catalog for their Special Luxury watch models. These were the models featuring precious metals for the cases and bracelets as well as specialised materials.

Some of the Special models appears in the standard Seiko JDM catalogs. These models are usually located at the start of the catalogs under the section labeled Special Watches.

While there are a number of models that appear in the standard catalogs there are a number of models that only appear in the dedicated Special Luxury model catalogs. I recently received a copy of the 1973 Special Luxury catalog that was offered for sale in Japan. The catalog is an unusual form factor as it is 270mm x 270mm in size. The rear cover of the catalog is marked DE73.9, which indicated that the catalog was issued in September 1973.

The Special Luxury Catalog includes quartz models, a small number of Grand Seiko models, dress watch models, ladies watches, mechanical and quartz pocket watches and a range of jewelry pieces with rings and bracelets containing watches. The models presented range in price from a number of 17QSL ladies models at 55,000円 to the platinum 38SQ 034 VFA at 3,300,000円.

There are 52 pages in the catalog and there was also a supplied double sided insert page that was included in a fold at the rear of the catalog. I believe that this additional page would be been for models that were added to the collection after the main catalog design was completed. The insert page features two golden bracelets with a small watch built in and a series of inlaid diamonds.

This is a very interesting catalog that shows a range of very uncommon models that most people are likely unaware of. I have scanned a copy of the catalog and made it available for download by clicking on the image below (48MB). The 1972 version of this catalog can be found here - 1972 Seiko Special Luxury Watch Catalog