Late 1960’s Seiko In Store Posters

I have recently picked up a number of different Seiko posters designed for in-store promotion. These examples are in a couple of different sizes and I have framed these for display at home.

The first poster shows a Grand Seiko (6146-8000) and a King Seiko (5626-7000), the text at the bottom of the poster says “Fruit of Precision and Style - Grand Seiko - King Seiko”. This poster is approximately B3 sized at 364 x 515mm. There is no specific date on the poster but from the watches featured I would estimate it is from around 1969.

The next poster is the same size as the first and it features a number of Seiko Five Sports models. The main image is a man on a motorbike wearing the distinctive Seiko 61-5 354 (6106-8229) rally diver model.

Below the main image is a group shot of three Five Sports models, the 61-5 354 (6106-8229) worn in the main image, a 61SP 014 (6139-6000) chronograph and an orange 51-5 326 (5126-6010).

Again there is no date on the poster but these models were all available in 1969 and the 6139 model is a very early 1969 example with the serifed sub-dial and notched case. This poster was quite damaged and has an obvious fold mark through the center, a number of small holes and a range of other blemishes. I scanned this poster and have attempted to fix these in Photoshop.

I also have another Seiko Five Sports poster featuring a 61-5D 132 (6106-8120) sports diver and a water skier. This watch was also available in 1969, so it is from the same period as the other posters. This is a smaller roughly A4 sized poster that is on heavy card.

I also have a couple of other similar small A4 sized posters. The first features a Lord Matic 56LMW 040 (5606-7000) and the poster has a similar design to the other same sized Five Sports poster, so these would have been released during the same period.

The final poster is clearly dated from 1968 and features a 57GSC 010 (5722-9991) and a ladies Special 2539 R100. The text on the poster reads ‘68 Happy New Year, so it is easy to determine the age of this one.

I have scanned in each of these posters and put them into PDF files to allow them to be easily printed if people wish to. The PDF versions of each poster can be downloaded by selecting the images below.