Citizen Flagship Store - Tokyo

Recently while on a trip to Japan I visited the Citizen flagship store in Tokyo. The store is located in Ginza a block behind the Seiko Premium Boutique and next to the Ginza Six building. Next to the There is a large Citizen sign and clock commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the company. 

This store displays the range of Citizens models from not only their main brand but also from the companies other brands.

When you enter the store you see a couple of round displays containing Promaster models from the Sky, Land and Marine series as well as models from Alpina.

The second display had models from the 100th Anniversary series. Citizen was founded 100 years ago and have released a series of models to commemorate this.

There is then a large reception desk area. Inlayed into the top surface of the counter are various watch parts and disassembled movements.

When you head to the left there is a display of the Eco-Drive Bluetooth models. These watches have normal time functions as well as a chronograph, alarm but also link to your phone via Bluetooth to provide alerts for Email, calls, SMS, Twitter and Facebook. The watches can connect to both Android and iOS devices.

On the other side of the display is the line up of the Promaster series. There were models representing all of the different series representing Marine, Sky and Land. There are a selection of models on the side that customers can handle and get a feel for the watches functionality.

The next display case contains models from the Attesa and Exceed ranges. These are a more dress oriented range for both men and women. Again there are examples of the watches for customers to handle.

On the sidewall of the showroom there is a display of the other general Citizen models. These include various ProMaster models, the Attesa series and The Citizen.

In the next section there is a display of the Eco-Drive One models. These are the extremely slim Eco-Drive models that are under 3mm thick in total. The movement itself is just 1.0mm and when cased the thickness increases to just 2.98mm. There are numerous models in the line up with designs available on both bracelets and straps.

The display showed the side view of the watch and an exploded movement so you are able to easily see how slim these watches really are.

At the final section of this display wall is a display of ladies models. On the opposite wall there is another display showing an exploded Eco-Drive One model and another display highlighting the Duratect titanium finishing where customers can compare the scratch resistance of standard Ti vs the Citizen Super Titanium Duratect MRK finish.

Completing this section of the store is a pair of displays next to the main entrance doors showing the 100th Anniversary models and a range of the Bulova models.

Heading directly opposite these main doors there is a corridor section that displays the different brands owned by Citizen. The first section is focused on the Campanola branded models. These are a collection of Eco-Drive and mechanical models that feature excellent finishing and numerous complications. Previously the range was focused on Eco-Drive and general quartz models but the line up has been expanded to include mechanical models. The series has a general design theme reflecting space with moon phases and star maps present on many models.

To the left of the Campanola models is a display of Bulova models. Thie show a series from their Archive Collection including the Chronograph C and the Acutron II models. There is also a display of the newly released Curv models that have a curved case, crystal, dial and movement. 

This section also features the Marine Star models and a collection of the general Bulova models including multiple ladies models.

The next brand section has the Alpina models. These watches are broken down into a number of product lines including the Seastrong dive watches, Startimer pilot watches and the Alpiner field watches. There was also a range of ladies models.

At the end of this section of the store is a service counter where customers can have a simple battery change or leave a watch for a complete service. 

On the opposite wall is a display of models from Frederique Constant. These are a range of dress watches in various styles. Back towards the main entrance is another display case showing various Frederique Constant models.

The final area of the store is a dedicated boutique area for the brand Arnold & Son located to the right of the main store entrance. These are high end models that range in price between ¥1 million and ¥16 million. This area is separated from the main store area and they have a couple of tables and viewing areas where watches can be shown to prospective customers on a one to one basis.

Outside the store are large digital signage panels that show various models from the range and different Citizen owned brands.

If you find yourself in the Ginza area of Tokyo and have some time to spare then a visit to the Citizen Flagship Store is well worth the visit. It is close to many other watch boutiques so only a sort walk if you are in the area.