Visit to the Seiko Prospex Boutique Ginza

I had the opportunity to visit the Seiko Prospex Boutique Ginza recently during a trip to Tokyo. This is the first dedicated Prospex Boutique that concentrates only on the Seiko sub-brand.

The store is located in the high end shopping district of Ginza just a few doors from the iconic Seiko owned Wako department store. If you stand on the corner in front of Wako facing the department store the Seiko Dream Square is located just a few doors down to the left and the Prospex Boutique is located to the right between the Mikimoto Flagship store and Michael Kors.

The Prospex Boutique opened on August 2nd, 2019 and is dedicated to Seikos sports models collected under the Prospex branding. The Prospex sub-brand is named after the “professional specifications” that the watches are designed to meet and include field watches, pilots watches and the group that Seiko are best known for dive watches.

The window display of the store had a series of water filled tubes with watches suspended in them as well as a number of models displayed on stands.

Upon entering the boutique you are presented with a series of cases on the right of the store. The first case covers the design of the LX series that compare this to the design of the historical 6159-7000 series model from 1968. The original model had a distinctive angled case with a case face angled at 22 degrees, this angle was increased to 30 degrees on the LX to catch the light, improving reflections from the zaratsu polished surfaces and helping to make the watches instantly recognized at a glance. There are a couple of technical drawings at the back of the case showing the designs of both models case construction. The lower shelf in the cabinet shows the case and the Spring Drive movement that are fitted to these models.

The first cabinet is followed by a lower case that includes examples of all the major models included in the Prospex range. This is below an artistic image of a group of jellyfish.

The next large cabinet include a number of historical models showing the history of the watches and short descriptions of the models and technology associated with them. The historic models start with comments regarding the “dust proof” two piece cases that were used to provide improved protection to watches in the 1940’s. There were examples of the 62MAS, 6015-8010 and 6159-7010 on display in this section, each with a short description of the new technologies that were introduced with the watches. There is also a display of the different water proof medallions that were originally provided with watches to indicate their water resistance. Following this is another low case with the modern PADI collaboration models that have been released.

Finally moving along the right wall there is a cabinet dedicated to the new LX series that Japanese designer Ken Okuyama helped to create. The watches were introduced at Baselworld earlier this year and were all heavily influenced by the design of the 1968 6159-7000 divers watch. The cabinet includes this historical model along with the LX models to allow customers to see the design influences. There are also a number of other objects in the case that were designed by Ken Okuyama showing his design sensibilities and helping to explain what he brought to the design of the LX series.

At the end of the store is a small room with seats to allow customer to sit and hold discussions with staff. Moving to the left side of the store is a counter area that has a presentation table and seats where customers can view the watches they are interested in and make their purchases. Behind the counter is a tennis racket and small canvas that were signed by Seiko ambassador Novak Djokovic during his recent visit to the store.

Taking up the majority of the left side of the store is the main counter display that has all of the different Prospex models on display. These are logically divided into different series to allow customers to easily find particular models and see the different variations available.

Customers to the store may be presented with various gifts when they purchase a watch from the boutique. They type of gift would depend upon the models being purchased, as some are generic like a Prospex portable battery charger, towel, or water bottle, while others are specific to some models like additional straps for some diver models.

The staff at the boutique speak fluent Japanese, English, and Mandarin so are able to assist both locals and many foreigners. The store is open from 10:30am to 7:00pm every day and should be on the list of places to visit for any watch fan heading to Tokyo.

When in Ginza I would recommend stopping off at all of the dedicated Seiko locations such as the Wako department store, Grand Seiko Premium Boutique, Seiko Dream Square, and of course the Seiko Prospex Boutique.

Seiko Prospex Boutique Ginza

Address: 4-5-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Opening hours: 10:30~19:00 Monday – Sunday
Languages spoken: Japanese, English, Chinese (Mandarin)