Update: Official Company Publications, General Reference and Domestic Watch Series

I have added a number of additional books to the Japanese Watch Reference Books articles.

In the Official Company Publications article I have added the History of Seikosha book that was released in 1968 and covers the early years of Seikosha. There was also a publication of poems called Flower Clock that was a publicity item released in 1974.

In the general reference section I added the book Researched “Economize / Compact / Precise” opens up the future The 40 years of Epson brand making surprise and excitement with technology. As the title suggests this covers the founding and achievements of Epson over the last 40 years. This book was released in 2015 and covers the company history, management as well as different products.

The book What is the remaining time in your life? is a series of short articles about time from author Ichiro Oda who previously worked at Seiko. It is similar to his previous book Why are the hands of the clock clockwise? - Unraveling the mystery of clocks and time.

Finally in the Japanese Domestic Watch Series article I added the new Takano and Ricoh volume that was released earlier this year. This like all of the others in the series is an excellent reference for anyone looking for information on these models.