Baselworld 2019 Announcement - Complete Seiko Models

This year there were a total of 61 different watches that were announced at Baselworld 2019 and under half of these were mentioned in Seiko press releases or the Official Press Conference.

To make it a little easier to grasp all models released I have put this page together with each model listed to give a better visual overview of the new additions to the range.

Grand Seiko

There were a number of interesting pieces from Grand Seiko this year and I am sure the hand wound Spring Drives will be popular. More info on the Grand Seiko releases can be found here:
Baselworld 2019 Announcement - Grand Seiko


A lot of nice Prospex models this year with the 6105 recreation in the SAL033, the new LX series, the Ana-Digi “Arnie” recreations, updates to the Sumo and an interesting “Fieldmaster”. More info on the releases can be found here:
Baselworld 2019 Announcement - Seiko Prospex
Baselworld 2019 Announcement - New Sumo & Save the Ocean Great White Shark models
Baselworld 2019 Announcement - Prospex Ana-Digi, Monsters and Shrouded Divers
Baselworld 2019 Announcement - Prospex Automatic Field Watch


The Presage series had a number of interesting models added including the two porcelain models SPB093 and SPB095, and the new thin 6L35 based enamel dialled SEJ077J1 and SEJ075J1. I also think that the Cocktail Time SSA393J1 and SRPD37J1 will look great in the flesh, the green dialled SSA397J1 also appeals to me. More info on the Presage releases can be found here:
Baselworld 2019 Announcement - Seiko Presage
Baselworld 2019 Announcement - Enamel Presage Models
Baselworld 2019 Announcement - New Cocktail Time Models
Baselworld 2019 Announcement - New Presage Zen Models


Considering this is the 50th Anniversary of the first Astron this series announcement was a bit of a disappointment, but hopefully we will see additional announcements throughout the year. More information on the new Astron models can be seen here:
Baselworld 2019 Announcement - Seiko Astron
Baselworld 2019 Announcement - JDM Astron 50th LE & Revolution


Credor does not typically announce a large quantity if models at Baselworld and instead just focus on a statement piece. This year it is the amazingly hand engraved GXBE998 gold pocket watch. More info about the release can be found here:
Baselworld 2019 Announcement - Credor


There were also a number of additions to the Premier range with the 7D56 and 5D88 Kinetic calibres used along with the 4R71 automatic SSA399J1. More info on these releases can be found here:
Baselworld 2019 Announcement - New Premier Models

In general I think it was quite a good year from Seiko with a number of interesting and desirable pieces being announced for release throughout the year. As we have seen Seiko will announce significantly more models outside of Baselworld annually so it will be interesting to see what other models are released in 2019.