Update: Official Company Publications - Suwa and Watch and Me -


I recently obtained a new book I had not previously been aware of. This is a Seiko Epson publication compiling different articles and speeches given by Tsuneya Nakamura from throughout his career. Nakamura-san was a highly influential figure in the Suwa / Seiko Epson company development, driving their participation in the Swiss Neuchâtel competitions, leading the “59A Project” that resulted in the development of the original Astron and eventually becoming the President of Seiko Epson Corporation. The book contains a wide range of articles that span 50 years of his career. Details of the book can be found here - Official Company Publications

Update: General Reference Books


I have added a new book to the General Reference Books page. The book is called "Why are the hands of the clock clockwise? - Unraveling the mystery of clocks and time". The book has answers to general watch and time specific questions and is really only interesting to watch enthusaists because of the author, Oda Ichiro, who worked for Seiko sales and marketing in various positions for many years.

The specific book can be found HERE.

The link to the overview of the different Japanese watch reference books can be found HERE.

Update: Official Company Publications

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I recently added a couple of new books to the Official Company Publications section of the Japanese Watch Reference Books article.

The first was the original Japanese language version of the History of the Japanese Clock and Watch Industry (Vol.3) - Evolution of Seiko 1892-1923. The Japanese version is titled Development of Watch Industry and was published in 1984. Details of this book can be found HERE.

The second book I added was a very interesting volume titled Origin of Technology - Seiko Electronic Industry Postwar Watch Technological History. This book was published in 1991 by Seiko Instruments Inc. and contains a large number of official documents from the companies history as well as reports on the different technologies that have been implemented in the watch production process. There is information relating to the advances in machinery and how this has influenced their improvements in accuracy and production capabilities. This is a very interesting book and I have only seen the one volume ever come up for sale. More information can be found HERE.

All of the different Official Company Publications I have documented are listed HERE and the general overview of all of the different Japanese Watch Reference books is located HERE.

Japanese Domestic Watch Series

Beginning in 1996 Dragonfly Publishing released a series of books focused upon the Japanese domestic watch industry. These are one of the best documented references for the Japanese watch industry with large amounts of detailed information provided. The volumes cover Seiko, Citizen, Orient, Takano and smaller independent Japanese brands. Most of these volumes are currently out of print but these are now being re-released with additional information included.

General Reference Books

This is a link to an updated page containing general reference books that were released by third parties regarding the Japanese watch industry. The books contain a range of information with some publications having significant amounts of useful information while other publications contain only a general overview at best. The article provides a general review of these publications.