Japanese Domestic Watch Series

Beginning in 1996 Dragonfly Publishing released a series of books focused upon the Japanese domestic watch industry. These are one of the best documented references for the Japanese watch industry with large amounts of detailed information provided. The volumes cover Seiko, Citizen, Orient, Takano and smaller independent Japanese brands. Most of these volumes are currently out of print but these are now being re-released with additional information included.

General Reference Books

This is a link to an updated page containing general reference books that were released by third parties regarding the Japanese watch industry. The books contain a range of information with some publications having significant amounts of useful information while other publications contain only a general overview at best. The article provides a general review of these publications.

Gishodo Suwako Watch and Clock Museum

The Gishodo Suwako Watch and Clock Museum, located in Shimo-Suwa, has a wide range of exhibits that examine the history of timekeeping. The museum displays a wide range of clocks and watches and have numerous interactive exhibits that highlight the development and technology of various timekeeping systems. The museum also houses a 12 meter high water driven astronomical clock that was designed approximately 900 years ago.