Epson Monozukuri Museum Suwa 2018


Many Seiko fans will be familiar with the Seiko Museum located in Tokyo but much fewer will know there is another museum with also an amazing selection of Seiko watches on display.

Towards the start of the year I was able to make a return visit to the Seiko Epson Monozukuri Museum located at Suwa. The museum has exhibits showing the different products from the history of Epson. A large portion of the museum is dedicated to the watch production of Suwa-Seikosha / Seiko Epson. They have a massive selection of watches on display with a good mix of mechanical, quartz, Kinetic and Spring Drive models.

Check out my report on the visit to the museum HERE.

TRUME a new direction for Seiko Epson?

TRUME a new direction for Seiko Epson?

Does the launch of the new Trume brand from Epson signal a new direction for the company in the watch market and a shift in strategy? Epson seems to be expanding their presence in the watch market, as they are a key supplier to Seiko Watch Co. will this move have any impact on their relationship and the future development of each companies models?

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Seiko Epson Monozukuri Museum

The Seiko Epson Monozukuri Museum is located in Kami-Suwa at the Epson Headquarters. This museum examines the history of the different sections of the Seiko Epson corporation. These include the printing, optical, display and component divisions of the company as well as the watch making group who is responsible for quartz and Spring Drive models and previously made numerous mechanical movements. I previously have not seen much coverage of this museum but with the excellent exhibits is a location that people should be aware of.