There are numerous publications that document the Japanese watch industry, brands and specific models. These publications come from a range of sources and are most commonly available from the Japanese market but there are some English language publications. Even without an understanding of Japanese many of these documents are still of interest due to the high percentage of images or diagrams. Google translate is also a handy tool for non-Japanese readers as it can often sufficiently translate the text.

Field Explanations: Rarity (1-5) where 1 = Easily available still in publication, 5 = extremely rare.
Publications are commonly available via, Yahoo Auctions JP, eBay, etc.

Recommended (1-5) where 1 = not recommended, 5 = recommended for any enthusiast even without Japanese comprehension.


General Reference Books

These are general reference books that were released by third parties regarding the Japanese watch industry. 

Japanese Domestic Watch Series

Starting from 1996 Dragonfly Publishing released a series of books focused upon the Japanese domestic watch industry. These books cover Seiko, Citizen, Orient, Takano and early pre-war watch models. These books would be considered one of the best sources of documentation on Japanese watches. Luckily these publications are getting easier to obtain today as many volumes are being re-released.

Official Company Publications

These are publications that have been released by the watch manufacturers themselves. These may have been promotion items, internal publications or documents for dealers and agents.

Magazine Articles

These are a collection of magazines that have significant material regarding the Japanese watch industry or details on a specific manafacturer. These articles are more than just a simple review of a watch model.