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Modern Grand Seiko Database

This is a comprehensive list of all Modern Grand Seiko models since the reintroduction of the brand in 1988.

The information can be found on a Google Sheet that can be accessed by clicking the link or image below.

Modern Grand Seiko Models - Plus9Time

The individual fields can be filtered to more easily narrow down the information presented, e.g. show only Spring Drive models.

To filter the information displayed select the Filter icon in the tool bar at the top of the screen. It is best to highlight cell A1 then select Create new temporary filter view. Once this is done the arrows at the top of the column can be used to select the values you wish to select.

The collection of information is based on the Seiko and Grand Seiko Japanese dealer catalogs with additional information from Seiko service databases and general internet searches.

The data includes both men's and ladies models and attempts to record the details for all models released. There are currently over 700 individual models included.

As there are numerous Limited Editions and region specific releases over the last 30+ years there are undoubtedly some models or specifics missing. If you have any information for updates on the models please help by submitting an update via the link below.

Modern Grand Seiko Information Update

The data is broken down into the following fields and has been classified as below.

Model The model number of the watch. This is traditionally 4 characters and then 3 digits e.g.  SBGA001. Occasionally the last 3 characters include a letter and not numerals but this is usually reserved for special models. Model numbers may also include a trailing character to differentiate sales region but this I excluded as the model features themselves remain consistent between areas.
Movement Type General type of movement used in watch e.g. Quartz, Mechanical or Spring Drive. The mechanical models are broken into Automatic, Manual (Hand Winding) and Hi-Beat Automatic. If an automatic model also supports hand winding it is still listed as Mechanical Automatic. Spring Drive models are Automatic or Manual.
Calibre Movement calibre number. If there are multiple generational versions e.g. A, B, C this is not specified.
Case code This is the second part of the code on the case back of the watch. The first half of the complete code is the calibre (4 characters) and the second half (4 characters) is the case code. These codes are not unique as models that share the movement and case design will have the same MVMT-CASE code.
Case Material The material of the main case body.
Bezel Material and design of the bezel. If the material differs from the main case material it is noted, if the bezel and case material are the same it is not noted. If the design of the bezel is different than a standard smooth design it is also noted.
Width (mm) Width of the watch in millimeters excluding the crown.
Strap/Bracelet Is the watch supplied with a bracelet, strap, both or multiple straps.
Part#/Size Part # for the bracelet, if supplied with a strap the lug width in millimeters is noted.
Dial Color Main color of the dial.
Dial Finish Specialized finish of the dial if applicable.
Markers Specialized markers on dial. If standard battons this is not noted.
Hands Type of hands. If material of hands differ from case e.g. gold hands on stainless watch it is noted. If hands match case e.g. gold hands on gold watch this is not noted.
Day/Date Does the watch have a Date or Day/Date. If neither it is listed as N/A.
Complications Any additional complications in addition to day/date. This includes power reserve, GMT, chronograph etc.
Release Year Initial year of the models release.
Currency Type of currency used for price. Default currency is Japanese Yen (JPY) to allow easier comparison between models.
Price List price if the model excluding tax at launch. The default currency for this is Japanese yen if the model is released in Japan. If a model was not available in Japan the list price of the watch in the local currency is noted.
Edition If the watch is a Special Edition, Limited Edition or limited distribution it is noted. If a model is limited distribution but available through multiple retailers then the widest distribution channel is noted. For example if available through GS Boutiques, GS Premium Salons and GS Mastershops it is listed as a Mastershop model as the GS Salons and Boutiques have access to all Mastershop models.
Quantity The quantity of units produced of the model if a limited edition.
Other Any additional information for the model.
Gender Is the model marketed as a Ladies of Mens watch.