In 1966 Seiko began producing a unified product catalog for the Japanese domestic market. The catalogs contained the complete line-up of standard models for men, women and specialised pieces like stopwatches that were available at that time.

The catalogs contain a life size image of the watch, pricing and general details for the model. As the different catalogs were released the formatting changed and some of the details provided for the watches were updated. The catalogs are a good way to see what models were generally available at that time. The catalogs are not an exhaustive list of all models and models that only had a short availability or were limited editions are often not included.

The first catalog was released in 1966 and is marked No.1, the second full catalog release was in 1967 and this is marked No.2. You will note that the 1967 catalog does not have a year marked on the cover but just No.2. Between catalogs No.1 and No.2 there was a Supplement issue released containing the new models released after the first catalog.

I believe the initial intent was for the catalogs to be sequentially numbered, like the Seiko News issues e.g. No.2, No.3, No.4 etc. but this was changed to indicate the year and a number for the year. Traditionally the catalogs were released in two different volumes per year, one at the beginning of the year and another around the muddle of the year. These issues were labelled as No.1 and No.2, but from the second issue in 1973 these were renamed as Volumes. In addition to the main issues there were also occasional supplemental issues that detailed models released in the second half of the year after the release of the second volume.

Below are scans of the catalogs from the second half of the 1960’s. Currently the initial 1966 catalog is missing, as I do not have this release, it is quite rare and even the Seiko Museum in Tokyo does not own an original copy. If I manage to locate a high quality copy of the 1966 catalog I will update this article.

Click on the covers below to download a PDF copy of the catalogs, these range in size from 40 to 50MB each.